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SQUIRRELS - Animatronic Puppets.


12 inch tall, life-size puppets.



Foam, fur, fiberglasss and mechanisms.


Arms, head, and mouth.



We have created different Squirrel puppets over the years to cover many different actions requested, and we pride ourselves on creating some of the feistiest squirrel puppets in the business. For a WESTERN UNION spot, our squirrels jump an unsuspecting victim, swipe his wallet, and they all meet up later in an alley to split the cash. In the BUD LIGHT spot, "Walter," our squirrel is asked to stand guard over the last BUD LIGHT for his human pal. When our guard squirrel is not taken seriously and a thief moves in on the last beer, Walter leaps into action, knocks the would be thief down, and rapidly jackhammers his forehead with an acorn. To cover all this action, we created three different squirrel puppets- an animatronic standing squirrel puppet, a leaping squirrel (Look, up in the sky! It's Super... oh- it's a squirrel.), and an animatronic squirrel to repeatedly pound the guy's head with an acorn. For a recent popular series of PEPTO BISMOL commercials, we created a new squirrel puppet that uses an electrostatically flocked fur instead of a taxidermy skin. The first PEPTO BISMOL spot was shot up in Canada so we created the artificial squirrel fur to play it safe -because most countries have strict regulations about allowing taxidermy skins across borders. Our squirrel puppet was hired for the movie INTO THE WILD, a project that literally took us into the wild, far north up into Denali park in Alaska for a week of battling storms that washed out the highways, but alas, our squirrel did not make the final cut for this movie. Our squirrel has also been popular with tv shows, for Disney's THUNDERMANS, and in the premier episode of a new tv series, MAX, but our squirrel had to sign an NDA not to reveal his part until this episode airs.


G.C.S.A.A. GOLF ASSOCIATION commercial. Chuck & Clay, directors.

WESTERN UNION commercial. Eric Appel, director.

BUD LIGHT commercial. Jeff Gorman, director.

INTO THE WILD. Sean Penn, director.

PEPTO BISMOL commercials. Chris Hooper, director.


MAX. Lena Dunham, director.


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