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STUNT DUMMIES - Soft, posable bodies.


Eight- lifesize, lifelike, posable stunt bodies made extra light to protect stuntmen in falls.


Urethane skin, soft foam, steel, wigs, acrylic eyes, aluminum armatures.



Available with Advance Notice.

We originally created these Stunt Bodies for HOT SHOTS, PARTE DEUX- for a boxing scene where a grandstand collapses and drops lots of stunt actors from ten feet up down onto the ground. To achieve this effect, our Stunt Bodies were created to be extra lightweight and extra soft, so they could serve not only as bodies for the fall scene, but also as safety pads for the stunt actors to use to cushion their falls. Since then, we have also created heavy duty versions of our Stunt Bodies that are study enough to survive being hit by cars and falling off buildings (see Car Hit Bodies).


'HOT SHOTS PART DEUX' (20th Century Fox) 1993. Jim Abrams, director.


Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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