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2004 has seen some of our best work yet, starting with our new animatronic Temptation Monster character for Kafri Go Lean Crunch Cereal. He is basically your run-of-the-mill, over-the-top physical manifestation of those inner voices that do their best to tempt us with sweets. Other amazing costume characters we've built this year include our hilarious animatronic Wanie & Waniko alligator charactors for Amico; mouth-watering Ice Cream Cones, Cake and Cappucino Blast costumes for Baskin Robbins; an out-of-this-world Alien Suit for a Chicago Science Museum exhibit; and the gruesome Melting Man character- a grisly, drippy-faced effects mask with matching gloves for CYXORK 7.

For a series of AOL commercials -premiered during the Super Bowl - we created a sturdy, look-alike stunt dummy of Mikey, the younger brother from the Discovery channel's American Chopper show; and adding to our makeup work, we've created a Fat Makeup for Amazon. Augmenting some of the animals we have to offer, we created a new, smaller Giant Ant - only 24” long, to compliment our eight foot long Ant, and new Shark Fins -complete with tails now- for Blue Demon.

Sometimes the simplest things can be the toughest to pull off. A good example of this are the Leaf Puppets 

we built and brought to life for VW Passat. In the same vein, we built another plant themed puppet, the Mechanical Daisy that loses its petals in a test of "he loves me, he loves me not," created for Honda. Other ultra realistic, high detail, closeup efffects we've created so far this year include mechanical Beating Hearts for Madonna's Reinvent Yourself TourMr. Potatohead Pieces for Playstation 2.

2004 has also brought us to some truly beautiful locations. A job with our Sea Lion puppet for Silja Line fulfilled a lifelong wish of traveling to Sweden. We also traveled to an idylic forrest lake just outside of Vancouver with our animatronic Grizzly Bear suit to dance a wild macarena for Cafri Beer.

Our costume department has been busy this year, creating FilmReel costumes for The Malibu Film FestivalCarbs and Rolling Pins costumes for a very funny Roundtable Pizza campaign; a Triceratops Mask for Microsoft; and a Credit Card suit for an Alaska Airlines/Bank of America/VISA Card tie-in spot.

We are proud of the many fine makeups we have created this year too, including: numerous Gore Effects makeups and an eerie, decapitated likeness head of Chris Moore for “Project Greenlight,” advertising their move to Bravo Channel; a high flying, basketball hoop-stuffing Dick Vitale lookalike makeup for Roundtable Pizza; a Fat Makeup character for Amazon, showcased on their internet site this year; fierce Vikings and Barbarians, makeups for Bud Light; and looking into the future of a not-so-positive evolution of our species - some comical/creepy Hand to Head makeups for a Cingular commercial.

Finishing out the year with a project of truly heroic proportions, we built a gigantic, full-size, fully animatronic, King Kong character from the torso up, for an upcoming film project. Previously for this same project, we also created a huge, intricately detailed miniature of  the archeological ruins of King Kong’s Skull Island; as well as a giant, full-size, King Kong Skull.

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