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2005 has been one of our best years yet, starting off with plenty of creative challenges. Adding to our special effects section, with more of the ‘anatomical morphing effects’ Anato-morph-ex specializes in, we created the Smushed Body & Flat Body effects for the new National Youth Anti-Drug MediaCampaign for ONDCP(


For the new NBC television series “Invasion,” we were hired on as the creature designers for a new alien life form. We created a Decomposing Alien version of this new alien life form, depicting its grisly, graphic impact on human bodies.

We designed and created a new Robot character costume in record time, in the style of the new 20th Century Fox animated movie, “Robots,” for a Burger King tie-in spot.

Our costume department also created a Duckman suit for the Lucas Candy campaign in Mexico, Blue Monster Arms for the Blue Monster Golf Course in Doral Resort in Florida, and a “Fantastic Four” Thing costume for Burger King

For the movie “Shockwave,” we designed a new Robot Claw Arm, a Head Shatter effect and a stylish Robotic Brain Implant makeup for Bob Picardo. Our makeup department has been very busy this year, beginning with some fun makeups for a new product, Tamper Tabs, featuring CyclopsBig Muscle Arm and Six Finger Hand makeups.

For NASCAR, we created three new peelaway mask effects, where the drivers peel away masks to reveal that the winner of each race is actually another driver. David Stremme turns into Kevin HarvickDavid Green turns into Greg Biffle; and Martin Truex Jr. turns into Mark Martin.

We created a creepy Sea Hag makeup mask for independant film, “At the Cusp of the Sea;” for Skittles, we created those popular Sheep Wigs & Blender Hands makeups; an Uncle Sam makeup for; a Plato makeup for Subway; for AAMCOEar Spurting Oil and Forehead Engine Light makeups; a Makeup Disguise for the TV show, “I Spy On Myself;” and one of our strangest makeups (yet), for Carl’s Junior/Hardee’s- a Cow Udder prosthetic for the biggest cow you could imagine (the back end of this cow was as as tall as our makeup artist!). Udder enhancement surgery- what will they think of next? 

We made-up four Bronze Dancers, bronze full-body painted makeups with bronze wigs for the 50 Cent “Candy Shop” music video; and for the Big & Rich music video, “Coming To Your City,” we also full-body painted and made-up four green Alien Dancers, and we provided all of the aliens that appear this video as well.

We created a giant, hybrid Meat Eating Plant for an Orbit Gum commercial; and added more animatronics to our Deer puppet for yet another Orbit Gum spot. We created the popular Ranch Tooth for Wendy’s new campaign. Continuing our work on the Altoids campaign, we created a Wild Dog and some primitive Altoids Tin Implant makeups. In our miniatures department, we built a Miniature House for a Kaiser Permanente commercial, and miniature Action Figure Pat dolls for Bell South

Our Gorilla got to travel to India and then Puerto Rico for two different commercials. Our Sasquatch was popular this year, too. He was invited to this year’s MTV awards show, where he was introduced as no less than ‘the new member’ of the Beastie Boys. He was also chosen for an independant film, “The Art of the Move.” 

We completed this year the same way we began it, with yet another Burger King tie-in spot, this time we created a fuzzy Were-Rabbit character puppet for the new Wallace and Grommit feature, “The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.”

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