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2017 Congratulations to Chance the Rapper for his big Grammy wins this year. We created all the puppets for his last year’s Magnificent Coloring World Tour. The Lady Dame puppet we created for his for his tour can also be seen in his new music video “Same Drugs” playing all over the internet now.

Our AI Robot was hired for the new McGuyver television series, and they liked it so much, they bought it to use as an ongoing element in the show. We created the original two Purple Cow mascot costumes for the Mejier Grocery Store, and they recently had us create another new Purple Cow suit in their ongoing ad campaign.

LADY DAY2_edited.jpg

For Huntington Bank we created two challenging  Gnome & Piggyback Toddler disguise costumes. The Gnome costume made the actor look like a garden gnome when he crouched down, and the Piggyback Toddler costume was exactly that- it made the actor’s head look like the head of a baby that was riding piggyback on the rest of his body, with a fake, ‘adult’ head. We created a series of rising Soufflé for a New York Life commercial.


We have provided more of our puppets and costumes for the ongoing second season of Disney's Walk The Prank show- our Gorilla costume, our Dog costume, a giant mechanical Venus Flytrap puppet, our Grizzly Bear and Panda Bear costumes, our animatronic Beetle puppet, and a demented giant Seagull costume.


We created a pair of mechanical flapping Insect Wings for XYZ, an award winning short movie. We created a stop motion Tyrannosaurus Rex puppet for a secret film project that we are not allowed to reveal yet. DISCOVERY Channel’s Shark Week has rented more of our Shark Fins to help with their advertising footage.


We created some ultra realistic Cow Tongues in silicone rubber for an Art Show. We rented out our Pregnant Belly and we created a Seated Goat for a photo shoot. We also created a Remote Control Costume for the Flex Conference at the NAB Convention.

Little Caesar’s Pizza had us create a silly Dummy Suit for their Extramostbestest Pizza campaign. “Only a dummy would pay more.”

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 10.56.14

We worked on two very popular Farmer's Insurance commercials, providing our Octopus for "Coupe Soup", and our Moose head for "Swing Set Standoff." We rigged our Moose head on a wheeled rig that allowed us to quickly move and puppeteer it, fighting with a swing set. Our Moose head was augmented with a body in post production. For AMAZON’s Jan Claude Van Johnson show, we rented our rubber Mort alien puppet, giant Statue Of Liberty Head, and our MIB Agent figure. For PARAMOUNT Channel’s new Yellowstone tv series, we have created silicone rubber stunt bodies of a woman and a young boy, as well as two realistic stunt heads in silicone rubber.


We are proud to have worked a lot  with the great creative team on the Amazing Race. This time, we had the honor of being asked to create 3D Vincent Van Gogh Painting Puzzles, and more special soft stunt prop Travelocity Gnomes.

For a Turbotax “Absolute Zero” commercial, we created and puppeteer a Sheep Costume for Luis Guzman. For other projects, we rented out an Alien Head, our Gorilla costume, and for Bunk'd, we rented out our Octopus puppet.


We created Meemo, a new animatronic alien for a special project for inspired director, James Frost. Meemo is a another one of our great animatronic alien characters, but you will need to wait to see him in action, as his debut in James Frost's new project has not aired yet.


We also created more of our Robot Heads and a Robot Arm for rental to a music video directed by

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