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2018 We were brought back to work on the latest Heinz campaign again, this time to create a new Heinz Mayonnaise costume, a generic Mayonnaise costume, and seven Sandwich costumes, as well as repairing old Heinz Ketchup costumes we created for the first campaign.


That is our Alligator puppet that we are puppeteering in a swamp in the Scorpion television show. We rented out two of our Dolphins for an as yet unnamed television show. Our Elephant Trunk puppet performs in a Disney kid’s Television show. We also rented our Angel statue out for a rap music video. We rented out several of our animals to various other projects- our Bird puppet, our Raccoon puppet, and a Shark Fin.

We created the iBOTTA Otter, a spokesperson for iBOTTA in their new commercial- they are very happy with the way he turned out.  For Game Day for the NFL Draft, we created more ESPN Mascot Heads, this time of Mel Kiper and Josh Allen


We are adding to our collection of aquatic animal puppets. We created a brand new Catfish puppet for a new TOYOTA commercial, and it was so popular that they came back to rent it for another TOYOTA commercial too. And for yet another TOYOTA commercial, we created a talking Clam puppet and a Red Snapper puppet. We also performed with our popular animatronic Grizzly Bear costume. And that was our Bass Fish puppet that performed recently on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.


Our animatronic alien puppet, Mort, played a big part in this summer’s futuristic Eden Project exhibit in Cornwall, England. For a few months, Mort got to greet guests as they arrived at the Eden Project.

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 10.05.07

And for another european project, we performed with our Panda costume in Budapest, Hungary for a new Renault commercial. This was a cute commercial where a guy finds a lost baby Panda Bear in the city, so he returns it to the wild in his new Renault, and our Panda discovers all of the special features in the new Renault on his way back to the wild.

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