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2016 has started off with yet another great Superbowl project. For last year’s Superbowl, we created the enormously popular Avocados From Mexico ‘First Draft Ever’ spot, featuring over a dozen of our realistic animal puppets and costumes. This year, we worked on the new Avocados From Mexico spots, but now their ingenious concept involved our Aliens visiting a museum of human artifacts and culture. Our Zorak, Zsa Zsa, and Gorg costumes, as well as our Snaihead and Antennae makeups are featured prominently. Aliens are very popular again- I can only imagine that the recent release of the latest Star Wars movie is a big part of it. 


For Redd's Apple Ale, we created a classic Roswell Grey Alien character, (but an appropriately Red Roswell Grey alien), who is caught by surprise and 'bonked' with their classic apple hit while remote viewing scenes on earth of earthlings being bonked by apples. And for a new GMC Sierra Truck, we created another Alien character, more like something out of the old Outer Limits tv show, as well as a Cyclops character for the spot.


We want to extend a huge thank you to Roland Blancaflor FX - they provided us with their always impressively top quality prosthetic appliances for the aliens, and our clients were very impressed.

We were brought on to create some work for the Hollywood Wax Museum- a new body form of Robert Downey Jr. for their exhibitions.

We have a long, successful history of working with a lot of Disney television shows, and recently have been working a lot with a very promising new Disney show - Walk The Prank. We have been working with them to create a number of amazing effects that we will be able to share more about later, once the shows have aired. For Episodes that have aired, we provided our Giant Fly Traps, our Grizzly Bear and our Kangaroo costumes.

We were blessed to receive an amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity- we were chosen to create a whole stage full of puppets for CHANCE THE RAPPER’s 2016 MAGNIFICENT COLORING WORLD TOUR. Within a very tight schedule, we created an entire chorus of eighteen animatronic and pneumatic gospel singers, plus oversized, wild furry character puppets - Carlos, Lady Dame, Dram, and a big Lion walkaround costume

Chance and his highly talented and inspired team created an incredible spectacle of a show, with Chance's sophisticated music and him performing on a stage of wall to wall animated graphics, with smoke and laser light effects, topped off by our bigger than life puppets filling out the whole spectacle.


Big congratulations to anyone who was able to see this tour in person- you had to see it to believe it- the whole effect was way over the top- a powerful knockout tour de force.

We have a long history of working with the Amazing Race, one we are very proud of, and our latest cool project for them was being challenged to re-create a series of ancient Teolihuacano Masks as puzzles for the contestants to unearth parts of from an archeological dig in Mexico city, and assemble the parts to win the challenge.

For a series of new Bank Of America commercials we brought our very popular animatronic Grizzly Bear costume and our Sasquatch costume, where our Sasquatch got to play guitar. For a new Johnsonville Sausage commercial, we provided our Turkey, Porcupine, & Squirrel puppets. Our Yeti was hired to help advertise for DELL Computers. 

We created the humorous Hannibal Mask that Simon Cowell wears for the new America's Got Talent spot. 

Our Gorilla costume was one of the main stars of a new Turkish movie, Sen Sag Ben Selamet. A Japanese CASIO commercial put our Gorilla through his paces, playing basketball, complete with a high flying slam dunk, and performing some very cool moves on a skateboard.

GORILLA 11_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Our Teddy Bear costume was chosen by TOYOTA, for a new commercial showing our Teddy Bear in the boxing ring. Our Polar Bear costume can be seen dancing on ice floes in a new Spotify commercial. 


The new Trial And Error television series used our big Alligator Puppet to add drama and danger in a golf course pond.

For a new series of LOWE’s commercials, we created a number of sculpture props- an elaborate Cat, a charming Mermaid, and a humorous Kid’s sculpture.



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