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2020 started off with a great project- we were invited to beautiful Buenos Ares for a STATE FARM INSURANCE commercial. Our Raccoon puppet completely destroys the leather interior of a guy's car, so the guy chases our Raccoon out of his car, and then- he breaks into song. Buenos Ares has been on our go to list for a long time, and we were so glad we got to work with the amazing team there at Joinery.

We almost got to work on another big project with Vision Scenery, this time creating more of our specialty shattering figure effects for this year's Grammy Awards show. It was very close, but the project was cancelled at the last minute.

For a very surrealistic RED CROSS public service announcement spot, we created a performed with a talking sunnyside Fried Egg puppet as well as a pair of talking Eyebrow puppets

Zorak and Alron were used in two separate music videos, one for the popular Belarus band Drezden. Interestingly, both music videos chose to shoot our aliens out in the dessert. We also created a pair of allergic reaction Inflated Hands for the DISNEY show Just Roll With It..

We refurbished one of the Purple Cow walkaround costumes we made a few years ago for MEJIER Stores.


Continuing our work for HEINZ, we created a HEINZ Mayonaise bottle costume, plus a generic Mayonaise costume and seven different Sandwich costumes.

We proud of our longtime partnership with THE AMAZING RACE, and we got a dozen Travelocity Gnomes ready for the new 2020 season, as well as adding new snow goggles and hiking picks. Sadly, just before THE AMAZING RACE team could head off into the world with the Gnomes, the Coronavirus hit and the world went into shutdown, so the series has had to postpone filming their new 2020 season for an indefinite time. This virus situation sounds exactly like some typical Hollywood disaster plot, but alas, this time it is for real.


Worldwide film production has now come to a complete stop due to the virus shutdown. We hope that everyone stays safe, and we are on standby, waiting for the shutdown to cease so we can all get back to work. Be well.

CS Sandwiches1_edited.jpg

As work has begun to slowly start up with the new Covid protocols in place, we created a levitating Spoon puppet for a CARDI B project. We created a Giant Watermelon Flavored JOLLY RANCHER Giant Candy and mounted it on a bucking bull mechanism, to dramatize their wild taste. We created 2020 Christmas tree Ornaments, rented out our Godzilla costume, our Shark FIns, 2 of our White Perch, our Turtle puppet, our Dolphin, and our Android costume.

We created yet more big mascot heads for ESPN, this time, of Tiger Woods & Bryson Dechambeaux.

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