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2021 Work is coming back after many months of shutdown in 2020 during the Covid pandemic.

This year began with a big Jeep commercial for their new electric Wrangler- "Earth Odyssey", featuring two of our animatronic Gorilla costumes and our mechanical Alligator puppet.

Ten years ago we created the 'Stupidest State Award' for Real Time With Bill Mahar, and this year we've created the 'Baldy Award.'

It consist of a chrome bust of Henry Waxman, and despite the critical sounding title, Bill uses it to cleverly celebrate truly great politicians who actually work quietly behind the scenes for our well being, doing things like improving health care, food safety, clean air, HIV research, and the social safety net.

The CW Network is creating a live version of "The Powerpuff Girls" and we created some new critters for the pilot. Once the pilot airs, we will be able to give more details.

With streaming services creating more original movies and series, we are doing more work for them too, including a breakaway prop for Netflix's new movie, "Sweet Girl."

We created a new octopus puppet, "Lucy" for Law & Order: Organized Crime, that the show uses in for a very unique and scary effect.

For a Geico commercial we created two matching puppet dog paws

We rented our Alien costume for a music video, and one of our floppy Trout puppets for a commercial shoot in New York.

As the pandemic begins to ease up, we are also renting and shipping our work overseas. We shipped our mechanical Turtle puppet to Israel for a commercial project, and we sent our animatronic Chicken puppet to Greece.

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Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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