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2023    2021

2022 Hollywood and commercials are definitely back in action- this year has been one of our biggest years.

Our eleven foot long, realistic Alligator puppet was part of a wicked commercial for Ladder Life Insurance, where a husband begins removing his clothing in anticipation as he follows a promising trail of rosebuds into the bedroom, only to discover, instead of his amorous hopes, it is our Alligator that is under the sheets. "Ladder- insurance so good, they're gonna want you dead!" "But seriously: intentionally killing a policyholder will void all lifr insurance benefits."


Our animatronic Gorilla costume was in a new commercial for EOS Shaving Cream. We rented our Squirrel & Frog puppets for a Duracell commercial.


For the Hatfield and McCoy Family Feud show in Branson Missouri, we teamed up with our magic making friends at Entertainment Design and Fabrication to create a full sized, mechanical Billykopter that looks like it was built out of an old 40’s Ford truck and actually flies around the stage -with an assist from a crane.


We rented our Catfish costume for a very funny new campaign of commercials for A2 Milk, where our Catfish was misrepresenting itself in online dating (catfishing), to dramatize how some milk products are not really what they advertise.


In record time, we created these five Portrait Sculptures of the America’s Got Talent judges: Simon Cowell, Sophia Vergara, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandell, and host Terry Crews. The America’s Got Talent busts were all part of a prank that Sofia Vergara played on Simon Cowell to get even for a prank he played on her. All the judges’ portraits were beautiful, golden likeness, except for Simon’s who was intentionally made to look very goofy. The busts were unveiled in a filmed live event, so Simon’s priceless reaction to his intentionally funky likeness was captured for all posterity on the show.

_TALENT JUDGES_edited.jpg

For an Ernest Packaging Solutions commercial, we rented out our Sasquatch costume, Polee alien costume, Chupacabras puppet & our Hare, dressed with horns as a Jackalope.

For a Cherry World commercial, we created a hairy giant Red Alien costume.

For the E11EVEN Nightclub in Miami, we created the mask for their E11 APE DJ, with their logo in wild, streaming LED colors on his hat.


For Credible Loans we shot a second set of commercials featuring the Credibull, their feisty animatronic bull spokesperson character costume.We were proud to play a big part in the Southpark 25th Anniversary Celebration Show filmed at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado. We created these three costumes of the

Frog Prince, Catatafish, and Sparrow characters.

AR STATUE_edited.jpg

We are proud to continue working with The Amazing Race show. For this season 34, we created 12 original and identical Italian Renaissance Statues for a challenge in Florence, Italy where contestants had to chisel our statues out of plaster blocks they were encased within. We also created the giant Slide Puzzles of the ancient Temple at Petra in Jordan. We worked again for Sonic Burgers, this time creating new props like Beaver & Burger lamps and a Burger Chandelier.For various other commercials this year, we rented out our realistic animatronic Baby puppet, our Catfish puppet, our Cyclops mask, our Turtle puppet, our Badger puppet, our Godzilla costume, and our realistic Fish puppets.

Big Panda B_edited_edited.jpg

We ceated our new, big animatronic Big Panda Bear costume for Frontier Communications. We had previously created the animatronic Panda Bear costume for Tropic Thunder, but because Frontier Communications required a bigger Panda Bear, we got to make a new costume for them.

RXO Shipping hired us to create a new, realistic Egret puppet to stand on the back of a cow, completing their two new spokes-characters. We also rented them on of our realistic Cow Legs.

For The 2023 Snoop Dogg Tour, we created a Doctor Bombay ape character mask and costume. The cartoon version of Doctor Bombay also features in Snoop Dogg’s new joint music video with Eminem, "From the D 2 to the LBC."

DB, SD & E_edited.jpg

For DISNEY, we created some complex and lightweight, soft foam costumes of the Chair, Drawers, and Soap Sponges characters for their live action 25th Anniversary remake of Beauty & the Beast.

We created a big, soft foam mascot version of Mayhem for the new Allstate Insurance commercial.

_MAYHEM MASCOT_edited.jpg
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